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  .. .. .. .. .....The Four Noble Truths. H.H. The Supreme Patriarch of Thai Sangha
.....The Wheel of the Law. H.H. The Supreme Patriarch of Thai Sangha
.....Mind and Body.  Translated  from the Chinese by Bhikkhu Thich Nhat Tu
.....Observe Silence.  Zen Bhikkhuni Die^.u Nha^n
.....The Road to Cold Mountain.Hanshan
.....Refuge Prayer.  Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh
.....Death Poem.   Ikkyu
.....As It Is.   Robert Aitken
.....For Warmth.   Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh
.....Happy Life.   Ryokan
.....Inter-Dependence.     Ryokan
.....Song of Zazen.     Hakuin Zenji 
.....Basho's Zen Poems. Translated by John Stevens
.....On opening the Sutra.    Translated by Thich Nhat Tu
.....A Little Song of Cheer.   Why Worry?  by K. Sri Dhammananda
.....Slow Dance   Young Girl
....Be Truly Kind    By Nguyet Nguyen
When you are not being loved,  Please don't cry! 
 By Nguyet Nguyen

....You are everything   By Nguyet Nguyen

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