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You Are Everything!
Nguyet Nguyen
Pomaia May 05th 2009


You are the Blue Sky,
You are the Sunshine,
Radiating your love
To mankind.
You are the Eagle,
Spreading out its huge wings,
Showing all your freedoms.
You are the Pretty Flowers,
Sprinkling their beauties
To all living beings.
And you are the Treasury-Earth,
Receiving all in nature,
Taking beings’ sorrows,
The Melodious Sound’s King,
Singing to the universe,
Making all cheerful,
Happy and blissful.
Oh, my dear brothers,
Oh, my dear sisters,
Let’s sing together,

I’d like to offer this poem to the 3 Jewels on the Vesek’s season

(This poem/this song is based on the melody of an unknown song).

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Updated: 9-5-2009

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