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  . . .. .....Buddhist Attitude towards Other Religions.   Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda
.....Vedanta and Buddhism: A Comparative Study.   Helmuth Von Glasenapp
.....Beyond Belief. A.L. De Silva
1. Preface
2. Critique of Christian Arguments for God's Existence
3. Why God Cannot Exist
4. God or Buddha - Who is the highest?
5. Fact and Fiction in the Life of Jesus
6. A Critique of the Bible
7. Buddhism - The Logical Alternative
8. How to Answer the Evangelist
9. Conclusion
.....Distinction of the Buddha's Teachings from Brahmanism and Sramanism.  Bhikkhu Thich Nhat-Tu
.....God Is Dead: What Next? A Buddhist Response to Nietzsche.    Robert Morrison
.....The Pope’s Asian-Spanish Inquisition.    Mac Kher 
.....Crossing the Threshold of Ignorance.    Dr. Tra^`n Chung Ngo.c
.....Towards a Threshold of Understanding.      Bhikkhu Bodhi
....."Buddhism" and Tolerance for Diversity of Religion and Belief.     Sulak Sivaraksa
.....Hinduism in Buddhist Perspective.     Dr. V.A.Gunasekara
.....About a Website named “Vietnam Buddhism”   by Da Le 

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