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Hòa Thượng Thích Thánh Nghiêm

Vị tổ khai sáng Hội Phật Giáo Pháp Cổ Sơn, Đài Loan

HT Thích Thánh Nghiêm vừa viên tịch tại Đài Loan vào lúc 4 giờ chiều ngày thứ ba, 3-2-2009, thọ thế 79 tuổi đời.

HT Thánh Nghiêm là một trong bốn vị cao tăng của Phật Giáo Đài Loan trong thời hiện đại, người có trăm ngàn đệ tử tại gia theo tu học. Ngài đã sáng lập dòng thiền Phật Giáo Pháp Cổ Sơn (Dharma Drum Mountain.) từ năm 1989, một tổ chức PG có chi nhánh ở Mỹ & Úc Châu.

HT Thánh Nghiêm sinh năm 1930 trong môt gia đình nông dân tại miền đông tỉnh Giang Tô, Trung Quốc, xuất gia đầu Phật năm 13 tuổi và đến Đài Loan tỵ nạn trong thời gian xảy ra nội chiến ở Trung Quốc vào năm 1949. Năm 39 tuổi, Ngài đã đến Nhật Bản du học và đã lấy bằng Tiến Sĩ Phật học sau 6 năm tu học, sau đó ngài trở về Đài Loan bắt đầu công cuộc hoằng dương Chánh Pháp cho đến ngày viên tịch.


Chi tiết về tang lễ của Ngài sẽ được cập nhật khi có thể. Chúng con Tăng Ni và Phật tử Tu Viện Quảng Đức từ Úc Châu vọng hướng về Pháp Cổ Sơn Đường Thượng, đảnh lễ Giác linh cố Hòa Thượng, thành kính nguyện cầu Ngài sớm tái sanh trở lại cõi giới này để tiếp tục công cuộc hoằng pháp lợi sinh.

Nam Mô Tiếp Dẫn Đạo Sư A Di Đà Phật.

Đây là một vài tác phẩm của Ngài đã được dịch sang tiếng Việt:


Học Phật Quần Nghi: 75 câu vấn đáp về Phật học. (sách)   HT. Thích Thánh Nghiêm

Phật Giáo Chính Tín: 69 câu vấn đáp về Phật học(sách)   HT. Thích thánh Nghiêm
108 Lời Tự Tại của Pháp Sư Thánh Nghiêm. Thích Hải Châu dịch



Taiwan's Buddhist Master Sheng-yen dies

The Buddhist Channel, Feb 3, 2009,7717,0,0,1,0


TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taipei - Sheng Yen, one of Taiwan's four most respected Zen Buddhist masters, died of natural causes at the National Taiwan University Hospital Tuesday at the age of 79.

"He died of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome at around 4 pm (0800 GMT)," said a spokesman of the Dharma Drum Mountain, a Zen Buddhist centre established by the eminent monk.

Rated as one of Taiwan's 50 most influential people in 400 years, Sheng established the mountain retreat in Taipei County in 1989 to promote Zen Buddhism.

President Ma Ying-jeou said in a statement he was "saddened and shocked upon hearing the news" about the death of Sheng-yen, who the president said is "good at the use of language to touch people".

"The concept of spiritual conservation he advocated is not only religion but philosophy and attitude of living," Ma said, referring to the monk's relentless efforts to press for peace and a simple way of living.

"He was a highly valued and much respected master in Taiwan and we feel a big loss for his death," said Su Jun-pin, spokesman of Premier Liu Chao-shiuan.

The late master had hundreds of thousands of disciples, ranging from ordinary people to politicians and celebrities. Both incumbent President Ma Ying-jeou and his predecessor Chen Shui-bian sought advice from the master.

Born in a poor farming family in 1930 in eastern Jiangsu Province, Ven Sheng Yen became a monk at the age of 13 and went to Taiwan in 1949 after the civil war.

He joined the Kuomtiang army in 1949 and fled to Taiwan with the Kuomintang troops after they were defeated by the Chinese communist forces at the end of a civil war.

At the age of 39, he went to Japan for religious study and earned a master's degree and doctorate

 after six years of study.

He became a monk again in 1959 and trained in solitary retreat for six years in southern Taiwan. He completed a master's degree in 1971 and doctorate in Buddhist literature in Japan in 1975.

He became abbott of Nung Chan Monastery in suburban Taipei in 1979 and in 1989 founded the International Cultural and Educational Foundation of Dharma Drum Mountain.

As a Buddhist Zen school master, he taught a number of celebrities, including Chinese martial arts actor Jet Li as well as Lin Hwai-min, founder and artistic director of Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theatre.

Sheng taught dharma principles in the US, where he set up a meditation centre in New York in 1979, which earned him renown.

In the following years, he worked to promote Chan Buddhism at home and abroad. He had become a professor at the "Chinese Culture University," deputy director of the Buddhist Association of the United States and founded the Chung Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Master Sheng Yen visited mainland China several times for religious exchanges.

After the deadly May 12 earthquake last year, he was actively engaged in quake relief work. The Dharma Drum Mountain planned to help rebuild four schools, a hospital, a water plant, a new village and set up a scholarship to fund children in quake-hit areas to finish the primary and secondary education.



Master Sheng Yen

The Founder of Dharma Drum Mountain

"The Dharma is so good, yet so few people know about it and so many people mis-understand it." It was based on this simple belief that Venerable Master Sheng Yen founded Dharma Drum Mountain.  

Calling himself "an itinerant monk pressing ahead through the wind and snow," and named as one of the fifty most influential people in Taiwan during the past four hundred years, Venerable Master Sheng Yen has had a life full of miseries, deprivations, tests, and turning points.

The Master has had a weak physique and been prone to illness since childhood. After becoming a monk in the Wolf Hills in China, he went through years of having to perform deliverance rituals day and night for a living, then served in the military, and was finally re-ordained. Thereafter, whether on solitary retreat, studying in Japan, in America spreading the Dharma, or founding Dharma Drum Mountain, he has always been able to find a way forward when there seemed no way out. In his hardships his compassionate vows strengthen, and through his perseverance his wisdom shines. To him, life is a process of realizing the Buddha dharma. 

To rise the status of Buddhism and the quality of monasticism in Taiwan, at the age of forty Master Sheng Yen resolutely went to study in Japan. After obtaining a doctorate, he began to propagate in both the United States and Taiwan, and, as a Dharma heir in both Linji and Caodong lineages, traveled around the world to teach Chan practice, ushering numerous people both Eastern and Western into the world of Chan. In order to spread the Dharma through language and concepts accessible to modern people, even with his tight schedule the Master still continues to write, and has published over one hundred books.

An erudite scholar, the Master has established the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies and Dharma Drum University to cultivate first-class researchers. In recent years, he has also engaged in public dialogues with leading figures in the fields of technology, art, and culture, and has even collaborated with other denominations and religions. His expansive mind and international outlook have earned him recognition from people in various fields both at home and abroad. Under his guidance, Dharma Drum Mountain has established its bases in Taiwan its roots in Chinese Buddhism while steadily progressing toward greater internationalization and diversification.





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