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The Udana, the third book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, offers a rich collection of short suttas, each of which culminates in a short verse uttered by the Buddha. Altogether there are eighty suttas, arranged in eight vaggas, or chapters.

Selected suttas from the Udana

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these suttas were translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. An anthology of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's sutta translations is also available in Microsoft Word 6 (Macintosh/Windows) format.

I. Bodhivagga -- The Chapter About Awakening

II. Muccalindavagga -- The Chapter About Muccalinda

III. Nandavagga -- The Chapter About Nanda

IV. Meghiyavagga -- The Chapter About Meghiya

V. Sonavagga -- The Chapter About Sona

VI. Jaccandhavagga -- Blind from Birth

VII. Culavagga -- The Minor Chapter

VIII. Pataligamiyavagga -- The Chapter About Patali Village


Updated: 1-7-2000

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