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Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Khuddaka Nikaya Udana Context of this sutta

Udana VIII.2
Nibbana Sutta
Total Unbinding (2)
For free distribution only, as a gift of Dhamma

I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Savatthi, in Jeta's Grove, Anathapindika's monastery. Now at that time the Blessed One was instructing urging, rousing, and encouraging the monks with Dhamma-talk concerned with Unbinding. The monks -- receptive, attentive, focusing their entire awareness, lending ear -- listened to the Dhamma.

Then, on realizing the significance of that, the Blessed One on that occasion exclaimed:

It's hard to see the unaffected,
for the truth isn't easily seen.
Craving is pierced
    in one who knows;
    For one who sees,
there is nothing.

See also: Ud VIII.1; Ud VIII.3; Ud VIII.4.


Updated: 1-7-2000

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