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Living Buddhism’s Past Glory
By Krishna Kumar V.R

A lasting influence of Buddhism is instantly visible in the culture and daily social life of Kerala, even today. Kerala, southern most state of the Indian subcontinent, still preserves its past glory in full ambience.

 Buddhism  came to Kerala in the 3rd century B.C. The “Ay” kings of Kerala patronised Buddhism, even though it did not bloom to its full potential here. Reniassance in the 8th century B.C. saw the decline of Buddhism. However, Buddhism left its mark which can be seen in its influence on the regional language.

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A remanant of Buddhist culture, “Karumadikuttan,” the sitting Buddha statue dating back to 11th century B.C today exists on  the banks of   “punnamada” lake at the backwaters. This idol is one amongst the different stupas and ramnants of Buddhist heritage in this part of the country. It recalls the glorious past of  Buddhism, persistently.


August 2001

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