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Sri Lanka's Buddhist clergy want to ban conversion to Christianity
The Radio Australia

Colombo -- Sri Lanka's influential Buddhist clergy have called for laws to ban Christian conversions spreading in poverty-stricken rural villages and vowed collective action against the practice.

They have adopted an 11-point plan to fight proselytisers, active in several districts of the island and called on the authorities to immediately pass laws to prevent conversions taking place under the cover of helping rural communities to improve their economic standards.

They say a shortage of Buddhist monks in several temples is also allowing Christian priests to make inroads into the Buddhist heartland by converting farming communities.

The monks say about 23,000 Buddhists are being converted to Christianity each year and proselytisers have targeted 5,000 out of the 25,400 villages in the country for their activities.

Dhamma Times Editor: In Singapore, buddhists also faces the problems of buddhist converting to the Christian religion , especially the Teens and Youths. If each and every Buddhist can be a part is spreading the Buddha-Dhamma and keep our Faith strong and integrate our understanding into practise, this problem will defintely be solved. Let us pray for the propagation of the Buddha-Dhamma and make it true !


Updated: 2-8-2001

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