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Buddha statues destroyed "completely"
Buddhists react differently
Manpreet Singh
Buddhism Today News Service

(India, March 10, 2001): Towering Bamiyan Buddha statues have vanished—fallen prey to the Taliban militia’s fundamentalist attack. The world outcry and pressure could not save these two precious statues from destruction. "The Taliban dynamited both statues and they are completely gone," says Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Nadeem, spokesman for the Opposition led by Commander Ahmad Shah Masood in Afgahnaistan.

Taliban militia’s action has evoked a very strong reaction from the world academia, intellectuals and from the Buddhist community. Buddhists seem to be divided in their reactions to this unfortunate incident with regard to Buddha’s teachings on anicca. Some have reacted in harsh words while others considering from the Zen perspective feel it should be forgotten and forgiven as Buddha preached anicca and as all things are impermanent. But their critics question the natural impermanence and violent t and forced impermanence as in the case of Taliban’s action.

Afghanistan’s Opposition is reported to have today said the ruling Taliban had destroyed the two ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues in Central Afghanistan.

However, there was no immediate comment from the Taliban nor was there any independent confirmation of the latest Opposition report.

"Basically, the destruction operation started on Thursday afternoon and our reports, which are accurate, say that both of them have been blown up by explosives and gun powder," Mr. Nadeem told a news agency.

The two Buddhas in the central province of Bamiyan tower 53 metres and 38 metres.


Updated: 10-3-2001

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