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Bajrang Dal warns of backlash to Taliban action
(PTI, March 5)

NEW DELHI: The Bajrang Dal on Sunday launched a blistering attack on the Taliban forces for destroying the Buddhist and Hindu statues in Afghanistan and warned of a "severe reaction" in India.

"Jabar dast pratikriya hogi (there will be a very severe reaction)," Bajrang Dal convenor Surinder Jain told reporters here when asked how would Hindus and Buddhists react to the developments in Afghanistan.

"Muslims in India and in this region will have to face dire consequences", he said adding the Bajrang Dal would hold protests across the country on Monday.

"We will try to expose the Talibani mindset of even Muslim leaders in India who refuse to hand us over our only three major temples. In contrast, over 30,000 Hindu temples were destroyed in India," he said.

"There is a limit to our patience," he remarked, adding in protest against the destruction of Prithvi Raj Chauhan's 'samadhi' people have already started showing strong resentment in Ajmer.

He maintained that for last 1400 years, Hindus and Buddhists have been "victims of Muslim jehads and Christian crusades for conversion and thus there was need for these communities to come together to save their own identity."

Rejecting the contentions that there was little difference between demolition of the Babri structure in Ayodhya and the developments in Afghanistan, Jain said while the Babri structure was a "symbol of Muslim leader Babar's victory" the same could not be said about the age-old Buddhist shrines in Afghanistan.

Jain maintained that the Taliban's destruction of Buddhists and Hindu relics, including the 'samadhi' of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, only exposed "the jehadi mindset".

"Their actions only reflect the ugly face of Islamic fundamentalism. They are unmindful of anything else and the world opinion in pursuance of their jehadi goals," he said.

Referring to condemnation by Muslim leaders of Taliban's action, Jain said "those who are saying that such destruction is un-Islamic are only trying to conceal the real face of Islamic jehadi and anti-Kafir campaign".

"Jehad is an inherent part of their religion," he alleged and said Government of India should try to create a "world opinion to fight and eradicate the jehadi mindset", he said.

"Islamic terrorism has not left even countries like China, USA, Russia, Nepal and Indonesia untouched", Jain said.


Updated: 5-3-2001

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