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Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Samyutta Nikaya Context of this sutta

Samyutta Nikaya V.6
Cala Sutta
Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi
For free distribution only,
by arrangement with the Buddhist Publication Society

Setting at Savatthi. Then, in the morning, the bhikkhuni Cala dressed ... she sat down at the foot of a tree for the day's abiding.

Then Mara the Evil One approached the bhikkhuni Cala and said to her: "What don't you approve of, bhikkhuni?"

"I don't approve of birth, friend."

"Why don't you approve of birth?
Once born, one enjoys sensual pleasures.
Who now has persuaded you of this:
'Bhikkhuni, don't approve of birth'?"

"For one who is born there is death;
Once born, one encounters sufferings --
Bondage, murder, affliction --
Hence one shouldn't approve of birth.

The Buddha has taught the Dhamma,
The transcendence of birth;
For the abandoning of all suffering
He has settled me in the truth. [133]

As to those beings who fare amidst form,
And those who abide in the formless --
Not having understood cessation,
They come again to re-becoming."

Then Mara the Evil One, realizing, "The bhikkhuni Cala knows me," sad and disappointed, disappeared right there.


Updated: 1-7-2000

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