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Welcome to Buddhism Today WebRing!



1. What is Buddhism Today WebRing? [^]

Buddhism Today WebRing is a group of web sites about Buddhism, either Mahayana or Theravada or any other Buddhist traditions. It is a badge of commitment to the Buddha and His ethical teachings.

As a companion on the Buddhadhamma, we would like to invite you to be a member of Buddhism Today WebRing. Buddhism Today WebRing is open to Buddhist websites, whose focus is Buddha's teachings and practices.


2. Why join Buddhism Today WebRing? [^]

-- To promote the availability of Buddhist teachings of all schools and traditions, to all people around the world.

-- To increase the traffic or access to your own website as well as the other sites in the ring.

-- To support the work of Buddhism Today in spreading the Buddha's messages of compassion, wisdom and freedom to human beings.


3. How to join? [^]

In order to become a member of Buddhism Today Webring, you are kindly requested a) to open a Yahoo email account (as it is compulsory for all Yahoo WebRings), b) then follow the instructions below to add the Ring Navigation bar to your Website.

Each member site in Buddhism Today Webring carries the Ring Navigation bar like the sample at section 6 of  this page. This Navigation bar can not be altered, for correctness of display.

1. Type and press enter the below URL:

2. Log in your Yahoo email account, then click "Sign in"

3. Click  "Join Ring"

4. Fill up the form, then click "Submit"

5. Check your site information again, if everything is OK then click "Submit"

6. Within seconds, when the following message appears "Confirmation - Application Sent" you kindly log in your YAHOO email account.

6. Open the email whose subject is "Yahoo ! WebRing: New Submission to Buddhism Today WebRing" (It is important to keep this email safe for future reference)

7. Click the URL which begins with http://edit.webring.yahoo.com/   .........

(Here you will see the appearance of Buddhism Today Webring Navigation Bar for your site. Kindly note that the current system of Yahoo Webring will not allow you to customize it)

8. Highlight and Copy (CONTROL-C) the HTML code in the Box (below the sentence beginning with "Highlight . . . . . this Ring")

9. Paste (CONTROL-V) this HTML code into the web page you registered with this WebRing.

10. After uploading the index page again, the Buddhism Today Webring Navigation bar will automatically appears on your site. Then kindly notify the Ringmaster at the earliest.

Within few days, the site is reviewed to make sure the Navigation bar works, it will be moved from the queue into the Ring accordingly. 


4. Ring members' special functions [^]

Members can use the following form to edit their data base entry, such as site title, site URL, description of the site, email address and password, etc. If you are not already a member, you must apply first, following instructions in section 3 above.

Ring ID:   
Site ID:
Password:   Forget your password?


5. Forgot your password? [^]

You just enter your site ID below to have your password e-mailed to you within few seconds.

Site ID#: 

Or  you Click here to send e-mail to the Ring Manager and your password will be sent to your e-mail address of record, including Site ID Number. Please do not change the subject line.


6. What Buddhism Today WebRing Site looks like? [^]

New Navigation bar

Old Navigation bar

Thank you for joining the Buddhism Today WebRing!
May all beings benefit from this shared work!


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