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The Eight Realizations of Great Beings Sutra
Translated into Chinese by Lokottama
Translated into English by TY
Copyright retained by the translator

As the disciples of the Buddha,
Constantly within the day and night
Sincerely chant and study
The Eight Realizations of Great Beings
The universe is inconstant and irregular.
Territories are hazardous and fragile.
The four realms are nothing but suffering and emptiness.
The five aggregates are selfless.
Creation and termination transform and vary,
Fake and unreal, without control.
The mind is the source of evils.
The form is the assembly of crimes.
Observing all in these manners,
Gradually one parts from the cycles of life and death
Excessive desire leads to suffering,
The cycles of life and death, and the consequent weariness
Are rooted in greedy desires.
Lessen one's desires and eliminate ulterior motives
And the body and the mind will be at ease
The heart knows not and accepts not satisfaction
It is only concerned with excessive wants and pursuits
Which increases and lengthens one's evils and crimes
Bodhisattvas are not like this
They are constantly mindful of satisfaction
They are peacefully content in poverty and abide by discipline
Wisdom is their only karma.
Laziness causes downfall
Constantly exercise concentration and self-improvement
Break the evil of worry and distress
Conquer the four demons
And leave the dark world of hell
Attachment to the cycles of life and death is foolish
Constantly be mindful of the Bodhisattvas
Expand one's learning and accumulate one's knowledge
Increase and mature one's wisdom
Master the skills of discussion and debate
Teach and enlighten all
Through this way, bring forth great joy for all
When one complains frequently in poverty and hardship
Evil karma are accumulated all over
Contribute and donate like the Boddhisattvas
While doing so, be mindful of enemies and love ones
Let go of guilt over past evils
Do not hold grudge other evil people
The five desires bring about misery
Although being a common person
Do not be tampered by worldly pleasures
Be constantly mindful of the three garments of monks
And the tile bowls which are the instruments of the Dharma
Aspire to leave the common house life
Abide by the Way and be innocent and pure
Let one's noble actions excel high and afar
And be compassionate to all
The cycles of life and death burn hot
The degree of suffering and aggravation is measureless
Exert the Mahayana heart
Completely and earnestly assist all
Be willing to substitute on behalf of all living beings
To endure sufferings of measureless amount
So that all living beings
Attain absolute great joy.
These eight items
Are the realizations attained by all the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Concentrate and improve on exercising the Way;
Be compassionate in practicing wisdom;
Ride the vessel of the Dharma
To the shore of Nirvana
On return to the cycles of life and death
Assist in the liberation of all living beings
The fore mentioned eight items
Will educate all
Such that all living beings
Comprehend the pain of the cycles of life and death
And give up and part from the five desires
To refine their hearts to accommodate the holy Way
If the disciples of the Buddha
Chant these eight items
Between each and every thought
Crimes of measureless proportion will be destroyed
And the pleasing Bodhi will be attained
The Sambodhi (wisdom of Buddha) will be speedily reached
The cycles of life and death will be forever broken
And one will constantly remain in happiness.


Five Desires: greed, lust, fame, gluttony, laziness
Four Realms: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air (the four basis for life)
Five Aggregates: Form, Sense, Thought, Action, Perception (the five essence of men)


Updated: 1-8-2000

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