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When you are not being loved,
Please don’t cry!
Nguyet Nguyen
Pomaia, Italy April 14, 2009


Are you grieving every night?

Dearie, I feel your sufferings, please don’t cry!

Are you sobbing all the time?

Oh dearie, I can see your heart splitting inside.


Dearie, please don’t cry!

Gently close your eyes,

Let go of the hurt,

And be calmative in mind;

So that when you wake up,

Things will be alright.


Dearie, sorrows are like oscillations of the ocean’s waves,

One overlapping the other,

Constant and boundless,

Limitless and incessant.


Dearie, and life is just like a flying cloud and a gusting wind

Being together and then apart within a blink,

Weeping the first moment and then laughing the next instant;

Like an early morning spring mist,

How can it even remain as the sun rises?

Life is not permanent,

And like a dream,

Sorrows are just like that;

They don’t ever last,

‘Cause they are not real,

So their wounds can heal.


Dearie, please don’t cry!

Love is like playing a game

It can be either gain or pain,

But let’s try to play this game.

‘Cause if you ever get pained,

It is a good training

In sympathizing with others,

And if you ever win the game,

Your heart will become more compassionate

And your mind much stronger.


Dearie, love is an art of living

A skillful means of giving and receiving;

Love is giving a lot while not expecting returns,

The blissful feeling when cherishing others,

Love is a willingness to exchange happiness for pain.

It means listening to their hearts so as to truly understand,

‘Cause without understanding, love can never last.

Love is forgiving yourself and others,

‘Cause only forgiveness can heal your and others’ spirits.

Love is a training of patience,

‘Cause with tolerance your mind becomes firmer and stronger.

And love is rejoicing in others’ goodness,

‘Cause it’s always seeing yourself and others as just one.

And only this love opens up your heart boundlessly.


Dearie, when you are not being loved,

Please don’t cry!

And please never ever generate anger and hatred!

Let’s try to transform your sufferings into a loving-kind heart,

To soothe the anguish and to love others,

Wishing them always happiness, and turning your mind into a fragrant lotus.


Let your love be like drops of water dripping into the ocean

Never seeing your own deeds and never feeling that it is full,


And let it be like a blazing fire in amid of the forest:

The stronger the wind rages, the more vigorous its flame;

How hard to extinguish it!

‘Cause your love is so immense,

It’s the door that leads to great compassion.


Dearie, and only with understanding and compassion,

Will sorrows be swept away.


Dearie, please don’t cry!

Life is like a game,

Its aim to be well-trained.

And life is like a dream;

Once you wake up,

There will not even be the slightest trace of sorrow.


I’d like to dedicate this poem to my friends who have suffered and

To anyone who is suffering when not being loved.

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Updated: 5-5-2009

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