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The Four Noble Truths
H.H. The Supreme Patriarch of Thai Sangha
Translated by Siri Buddhasukh.

The Buddha’s four Sacca
Must be realised first hand
So they’ll become Ariya
To aspirants who can
Take pains to cultivate
Thereby eliminate
Desire with all their might.
Of course this to include
Aversion as its reverse
Of the same coin of truth
Both to be conquered first.
Also its pair of twins
Both as the nearest kin
The temptor and villain.
Three spiralling movements
With each Truth covered thrice
In their winding ascents
With all four Truths realised.
Knowing what each is like
Then what is there to do
Thereafter how to strike
The right means through and through.
May we Buddhists take pains
Struggling for Dhamma-eye
Which is excellent gains
By which to verify
How our Buddha’s teaching
Is unexcelled, timeless
Refuge of all beings
Through us as His witnesses.


Updated: 3-4-2000

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