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The Wheel of the Law
H.H. The Supreme Patriarch of Thai Sangha
Translated by Siri Buddhasukh.

This sermon in the park
Sanctuary of those wild deer
To Buddhists is the mark
Of Buddha’s pioneer.
Turning the wheel of Law
For those Ascetics Five
To lead them to the shore
Of Nibbaana for life.
Twas Aasaa.lha full moon
When Brahmnin Ko.n.da~n~na
Blessed with superior boon
Became Sotaapanna.
Being Buddha’s witness
Of the Dhamma supreme
Crowned with brilliant success
Transcending both extremes.
Thus born third of the Gem
Marked as day of Sa"ngha
Glorious like a diadem
In person of Ko.n.da~n~a.
Based on Noble Truths Four
Was the Buddha’s first sermon
Proclaimed like "lion’s roar
Rending the far horizon.
This for Buddhists to remind
Themselves of their priceless
Treasure that they can find
And be the Buddha’s witness.
Do not be like those dear
Which could not appreciate
Despite that they did hear
Yet could not penetrate.
Meaning of the Buddha’s words
Which were just like a sound
However much they heard
No meaning could be found.
Let faith be established
On Buddha’s enlightenment
Before our breaths vanish
And thus our life’s spent.


Updated: 3-4-2000

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