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Observe Silence [1]
Zen Bhikkhuni Die^.u Nha^n (1041-1113)
tr. from the Chinese by Bhikkhu Thich Nhat-Tu
[1] Title is added


Being born and aging,
Sickness and death:
from the beginning.
All have happened so!
Thinking of release
from this naturality
will tie you more tightly,
in its trap.
The one with illusion
looks for the Buddha,
The one with ignorance
turns toward meditation.
Knowing that there is nothing to seek
one keeps his mouth closed,
Observing silence!
Sanh la~o be^.nh tu+?
Tu+. co^? thu+o+`ng nhie^n
Du.c xua^'t ly gia?
Ca'nh gia?i thie^m trie^`n
Me^ chi ca^`u Pha^.t
Hoa(.c chi ca^`u thie^`n
Thie^`n, Pha^.t: ba^'t ca^`u
DDo^~ kha^?u vo^ ngo^n!


Updated: 3-4-2000

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