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Mind and Body  [1]
tr. from the Chinese by Thich Nhat Tu
[1] Title is added


Body is the bodhi tree
Mind is a bright mirror
Polish it from time to time
Don't let it be dusty!
(Zen Master Shen-Shu)
Tha^n thi. bo^`-dde^` tho.
Ta^m nhu+ minh ki'nh dda`i
Tho+`i tho+`i thu+o+`ng pha^'t thu+'c
Va^.t su+? nha' tra^`n ai!
[Thie^`n su+ Tha^`n Tu']
Body is not a tree
Mirror is not its stand
There is originally no single thing
Where could it get dusty?
(Zen Master Hui-Neng)
Bo^` dde^` bo^?n vo^ tho.
Ta^m ki'nh die^.c phi dda`i
Ba?n lai vo^ nha^'t va^.t
Ha` xu+' nha. tra^`n ai!
[Thie^`n su+ Hue^. Na(ng]


Updated: 3-4-2000

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