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Message for World Meditation Day from Venerable Dhammajayo Bhikkhu  The Dhamma Times by Panna Youth Centre,Singapore 

Thailand - Today is one of the best days of our lives.  We have devoted our time in order to seek the path to Nirvana. We have set aside all the errands and  come here from all over the country. Some have even traveled overseas just to practice meditation together with us to create peace for the world. In  particular, August 6 is the World Meditation Day as observed by international communities. Countless people are united today in order to make a difference for the world. World peace can become a reality only when everyone finds peace within himself or herself, which is inner peace. Each person can experience inner peace when his or her mind is cleared of all thoughts and becomes focused and still at the center of the body. This practice of mediation is the link to world peace.

The Buddha said that one who practices meditation and achieves a state of consciousness with a purified mind will discover happiness. His/her mind will be free and he/she will have the transcendent realization that the mind is truly free. The Buddha said this because the practice of meditation is the most important thing in life, and it is a means for us to achieve the ultimate level, Nirvana.

Therefore, a wise person spends most of his/her life practicing meditation, training his/her mind to be still since he/she understands full well the value of time. He/she reserves every fraction of a second for the training of the mind.  He/she has his/her mind set on consciousness without being swayed by the four desirable and undesirable conditions (Eight Worldly Conditions: Atthalokadhamma) which are gain (labha) and loss (alabha), fame (yasa) and defame (ayasa), praise (pasamsa) and blame (ninda), happiness (sukha) and pain (dukkha), since these things are regular and normal experiences that occur in the world. These things come and go. They are not the true meaning of life.  A wise person only searches for the truth. The inner truth is the Dhammakaya.

The Dhammakaya exists in every one, regardless of nationality, race,or religion. No matter what a person believes in, everyone has the Dhammakaya. When a person trains his/her mind to keep still at the right place, i.e., the center of the body, he/she will attain Dhammakaya when the mind becomes still.  When one attains Dhammakaya, he/she will discover happiness, and the permanent self will be revealed. The person will be free from defilement and find the sort of happiness that is not based on material or earthly possessions.  This is the kind of happiness a wise person seeks ..the happiness from having a still mind-the happiness that results from attaining Dhammakaya - for this kind of happiness is above all other types of happiness.

This is the reason the Buddha said happiness from any other source that is not a result of having a still mind (cessation) is not true happiness.  Happiness is the basis for everyone’s life and is the most sought after by human beings.  We are born to seek a path leading to the relief of suffering ( to attain true happiness) to attain something permanent. All of these quantities are in the Dhammakaya.

Consequently, the attainment of Dhammakaya will change one's life from suffering to true happiness. The person will have a life full of unbounded happiness (peace & contentment).  His/her actions, which include thinking, speaking, and physical activity will change for the better. Wisdom obtained from the attainment of Dhammakaya will help one solve problems and guide one through life. The mind will be purified and clarified.  All the impurities in one’s mind will vanish. Loving and kindness will be in one’s mind. He/she will wish that everyone in the world would attain Dhammakaya, that everyone in the world were purified, and that everyone in the world would know true happiness forever.

Therefore, on this special occasion of World Meditation Day, if everyone in the world brings his/her mind to a standstill at the center of the body and attains Dhammakaya, which is permanence, happiness, and a sense of self, world peace can then become a reality.  This situation is neither too lofty a goal to reach, nor is it a dream.  It is something that can happen if everyone realizes that he/she has the very best quality within him/herself and begins practicing meditation by focusing his/her mind at the center of the body.

If we are all united in doing this, the world will change from darkness to rightness, from impurity to purity, from selfishness to sharing, and be filled with love and genuine smiles. The idea of taking advantage of, or hurting others, anger, and resentment will vanish.  On the other hand, loving kindness, well-wishing, forgiveness, devotion, sharing, purity, and happiness will be everywhere, creating the world peace that everyone has long wished for.


Updated: 21-8-2001

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